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The Academy for Classical Education is Macon's newest charter school and chose The Sign Store for their entrance sign, outdoor LED sign, scoreboards, and more.


As The Academy for Classical Education, or ACE as they often referred to, has grown their need for signage throughout the campus has grown as well. New digital scoreboards adorn the baseball and football fields behind the school. Out at the road a new entrance sign proudly displays the school's name. Every day as parents drive up the path to the school to pick up or drop off their children they receive announcements and information about upcoming school events from ACE's outdoor LED sign.


ACE's Athletic Director Jim Waite said, "We have had so many compliments from parents and visitors to our campus and the graphics on the board are superb. We could not be more pleased with the sign or the technical support we have received from your great staff. People are constantly looking to purchase space for ads. Well done gentlemen!"


If your school is in need of signs - The Sign Store is the here to help. In addition to the signs mentioned above The Sign Store sells directional signs, interior digital signs, door signs, and even complete cafeteria remodels and makeovers.


Don't hesitate to call us today!




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LED Trailers Now Available For Sales and Rental

Posted on May 26 2016

Perfect for Holiday Sales, Church Events, Weekend Promotions, Festivals and Fairs - Fully portable and self-powered LED Sign Trailers. Rent one of ours for the weekend or buy one with custom graphics wrapped around the trailer.


Power your trailer with the included ultra-quiet generator or plug it into a standard 15 amp outlet. Easy to use - two button presses and you are up and running.



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Robins Federal Credit Union's

New Look

Posted on January 16, 2016

Robins Financial Credit Union has a new look these days with a new logo and new signage at their 19 full service branches. The Sign Store provided new channel letters for the exterior and interior of the buildings as well as new faces for their lighted cabinet pylon signs.



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Our LED Signs Now Offer a

7 Year Warranty

Posted on April 16, 2015

Vantage LED, our preferred brand of LED signs, has announced an unprecedented 7 year parts and labor warranty is included on all of their signs!!


This is an industry first and goes to show how strongly Vantage believes in their products. Vantage LED signs are Made in the USA.


Contact us today for more information about these LED Signs, their warranties, and how they can help your school, business, or church get your message out to the world.



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Vantage LED FLEX
Future-proof your LED Sign!

Posted on April 15, 2015

Vantage LED continues to innovate and push the LED Sign industry forward by now offering signs you can upgrade by replacing only the LED modules on the front face of the sign. This is opposed to having to replace the entire sign when upgrading.


FLEX is the name of this new system and also uses 1/3rd of the electricity that competing products use.


Here's an example - let's say today you purchase a single color LED sign that has a resolution of 80 pixels tall by 112 pixels wide. This sign works well for you for 4 years. Later down the road, business has been good and you decide you'd now like a full color sign with a much higher resolution of 240 x  336 pixels. With FLEX, you can upgrade without having to replace the sign cabinet, the sign's circuit boards, the computer inside the sign AND without having to go through the permit process that would be necessary with a new sign. The cost savings are HUGE with FLEX.



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SouthEastern Technical College - Swainsboro Campus

Posted on February 10, 2015

The Swainsboro campus of Southeastern Technical College budgeted for an upgrade to their existing LED sign this year. When the time came to make the purchase, they decided on a full color RGB LED sign from The Sign Store to replace their red monochrome sign.


From The Sign Store to our friends at STC Swainsboro - GO PATRIOTS!!

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LED Signs -

Pitch / pixel spacing

Posted on January 15, 2015

One important specification for an LED sign is the "pitch". Pitch is given as a measurement in mm and is defined as the amount of space between the pixels (LEDs) on a sign. Pitch, along with the size of a sign, determine how many total pixels are on the sign.


The more pixels you have in a given space, the more sharper or clearer a images on that sign will appear at shorter distances. Similarly, the more pixels you have on a sign, the more fancy or complicated the designs that you show on you sign can be.


This it not to say that signs with higher pitch spacing can't look great. They can! Signs with higher pitch values in general will look best with simpler designs and when viewed from a distance a few feet further back than a more pixel dense sign.


For all of your LED sign questions or needs, give us a call at The Sign Store. One of our associates can assist you with finding the perfect LED sign that meets your needs for your business, church, school, or other application.

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Taking the Higher Ground –

Installation Equipment Addition

Posted on Jan 3, 2015

The Sign Store has added a new "member" to our sign installation and repair crew in the form of a 35' spider boom lift.


We pride ourselves as being the most effective, competitively priced,  responsive, and professional sign shop in the Southeast.  The addition of new equipment such as this lift helps us to maintain this level of service to our customers.


Remember to give The Sign Store a call for your sign repair or sign installations!

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Laser Etching –

Leave Your Mark On Almost Anything!

Posted on Dec 20, 2014

Laser etching can place your logo, business name, an inspirational phrase, or commemorative photo on many surfaces - clear acrylic, glass, stone, metal, wood, and more. Laser etching is an often overlooked option when it comes to having your brand or design applied to an item.


The Sign Store has a laser etcher on site and can create you a sign that incorporates laser etched materials or can customize one of your items with a phrase or design.

Some examples of things we can etch are inspirational plaques, PC computer cases, knives, laptops, firearms, and skateboards.


Call us today to get started on creating your custom laser etched project!

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